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Gathered Skirt Refashion

Long, full skirts will never go out of style.  They visually whittle your waist and are incredibly feminine.  They are also comfortable because, unlike pencil skirts, the width of the hem allows you to be able to walk up stairs with ease.  I’m all about comfort and ease, so when […]

The Perfect Swimsuit for Under $50

Modest Swimsuitss Under $50 by Kara Muehlmann  Friends, I have done you a favor and found a nice selection of cute and modest swimsuits for under $50.  I have broken them down by style. Have fun checking them out! Florals Paisley bathing suit / Dorothy Perkins navy one piece swimsuit / H M […]

MaskCara IIID Foundation in Medium Review

I apologize that this turned out a little blurry.  Not sure why.  If you haven’t heard of Cara Brook from MaskCara yet, I suggest you check her out. She’s a talented makeup genius with a gift for making everyone want to be her best friend.  She also recently launched her own […]

Fixing the Gap

I kind of hate wearing pants.  They just aren’t that comfortable.  Especially girls’ jeans because they are always supposed to fit super snug which just doesn’t put them in the realms of comfort. That’s why I was so excited when I came across these super soft cargo pants.  Being a […]

Using a Twin Needle

I just discovered twin needles and am excited to share them with you. A twin needle is what it sounds like, two needles that fit in the place of one.  My sewing machine is not super fancy.  In fact, it was $80 from Walmart.  That link is the exact one […]

DIY Slip Extender

Today I’m sharing some pictures from my tutorial on Brassy Apple.   I started out with an old, outdated slip.  I shortened it, added some trim, and made it into the perfect extender slip for this Forever 21 dress.  For more details on this, please see the tutorial here. And […]

DIY Infinity Scarf from Pajama Pants

Today I’m sharing a tutorial I originally wrote for Brassy Apple.  I used some of my husband’s old flannel pants to make my own infinity scarf.  It was super easy and took less than an hour.  For full steps, please click here. Before: After: With my excess fabric, I created […]

How to Tint Your Eyelashes

Eyelash Tinting Tinting eyelashes at a salon can run you around $30, but learn to do it yourself and you can get it done for next to nothing. Tinting does not add thickness or length like mascara does.  It does, however, add color to light eyelashes making them more apparent […]

Upcycling a Frame

You may have seen this already as a guest post on  Today I’m going to share it on here! This summer I found a beautiful frame at a garage sale.  The owners were asking for $10, but I bartered them down to $5–which was a pretty good deal considering […]

Sizing Up

Normally when I refashion things, I tend to take them in to fit me.  I have a tendency to think that more fabric means more possibilities.  Today’s refashion, however, is different.  I began with a skirt I bought from a Down East sale for $5.  I loved the artsy feel […]

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