Old Meets New, and Remembering 9/11

Crop top and pencil skirtFirst, I don’t want to downplay the importance of this day, September 11th, by not mentioning it in my post.  I’ve been very reflective about what it means to live in a country where we don’t have to worry about our safety or our freedom.  This blessing wasn’t something that was handed to us, but something that we have had to continually fight for ever since the day we declared our independence.  I feel like it’s so easy for us to get caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget the harsh realities that millions of people around the globe face on a daily basis.  I was very humbled by this video on youtube where people from 3rd world countries read 1st world problems.  I feel like I should never complain about the little things again.  We have been so blessed, it’s our responsibility to give back.  I wrote a little more on this topic on my Instagram. 

Now on to today’s post.  I’m always such a bargain shopper, but I’ve learned to appreciate quality as I’ve gotten older.  This is partly my husband’s fault as he has taught me to love things that will last.  The combination of deal finding, quality seeking, and home sewing has made my closet a place that can be considered an ecclectic blend of old/vintage pieces, handmade items, and store bought goods.  So I’m bringing you this post I call “Old Meets New” where I combine new pieces with my refashioned or vintage finds.

Crop top and pencil skirt


The crop top I’m wearing is from Cents of Style.  Being a pun lover myself, I knew this was going to be a great shop as soon as I heard the name. And right now they have an awesome deal where you can get a pair of boots and a scarf for $32.95 plus FREE Shipping. Additionally, you can get black boot cuffs for $2.99 at checkout.  So that’s boots, a scarf, and boot cuffs shipped to you all for less than $36.00!

Here’s how to snag this deal:

1. Add boots to your cart
2. As soon as the boot is added, a pop up will appear and offer to add the scarf for $4.00
3. Proceed to checkout
4. Additionally, when checkout button is clicked a boot cuff offer will popup for $2.99
5. Apply “BOOTSCOMBO” coupon code and it will drop the price of the boot and scarf to $32.95 (plus $2.99 if cuffs are added)
6. FREE SHIPPING- as always, with Cents of Style.

The boots on this special promo are a darling tall riding boot with strap and buckle detailing. They have a half zipper on the inside and a fair amount of room in the calf. They come in two colors, black and tan. The scarf is a knit infinity with small pom-like knit details. It comes in 7 great fall colors.

As for my outfit, I got this skirt from Deseret Industries for $6.  The crop top you can get from Cents of Style on sale right now for $14.95!  And the shoes, you can get a similar pair from here for $40 with shipping.

Special thanks to DeAnna Adele for taking these pictures.

Crop top and pencil skirt


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  1. Not sure I’m following your outfit and the offer. Why aren’t you wearing the boots, scarf and boot cuff ??

    • I’m glad you pointed that out. I had already planned on posting this outfit when I found out about their boot offer today. Since it’s such a good deal, I decided to share it in this post as well. Since it wasn’t offered until today, I didn’t have a chance to buy it beforehand, and therefore, I’m not actually wearing it in the post.

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